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More Info About the New Ford Focus Electric From One of the Team Leaders on the Project

January 13th, 2011

We know that you may be hungry for more information on the new 2012 Ford Focus Electric that was debuted at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics show. The Ford Story caught up with Sherif Marakby, Director of Ford Electrification Programs to get more information about the vehicle and how it fits in the overall Ford electrification strategy. Check out this video:

Ford is also working with consumer electronics leader Best Buy to offer a 240-volt home charging station for the all-new Ford Focus Electric battery electric vehicle and future electric vehicles in the United States. Best Buy intends to sell the charging station and offer complete consultation and installation services through its Geek Squad subsidiary and third-party licensed electrical contractors.

The Ford Focus Electric charging station can be easily installed, replaced or upgraded without the use of tools due to its innovative design and mounting bracket. The 240-volt home charging station will allow Focus Electric owners to fully charge their cars in as little as three to four hours – charging in half the time as the Nissan Leaf.

Designed and produced to be compact and easy to install, the Ford charging station offers Focus Electric owners multiple advantages over competitive systems:

  • Nonpermanent installation: The charging unit plugs into a 240-volt outlet instead of being hard-wired into the electrical breaker box, making removal and replacement a simple unplug and plug back in operation in the event the owner moves
  • Single point of contact for purchase and installation: Best Buy and Geek Squad will sell, deliver, install and service the home charging station, including contracting any additional home electrical needs for 240-volt service. Best Buy also will handle warranty and repair claims for the charging station
  • Lower price: Based on current plans, the home charging station with standard installation is expected to retail for approximately $1,499, as much as 30 percent less than competitors’ systems
  • Faster charging: With its maximum 32-amp charging capability, Focus Electric owners with the 240-volt home charging station can get a full charge in as little as three to four hours – charging in half the time as the Nissan Leaf

Until there are more recharging stations in public places, trip planning will be an important part of operating an electric vehicle. EV owners will need to think in terms of round trips and what is achievable within their vehicle’s range budget. Consequently, Ford has designed the Focus Electric driver interface to inspire efficient driving and help owners enjoy the thrill of fuel-free transportation rather than worry about battery charge.

The new Focus Electric uses a high-tech driver interface to help drivers optimize range and experience the freedom of fuel-free driving. Using an expansion of the technologies behind MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, the Focus Electric cockpit provides a host of electronic tools to guide drivers, inspire efficient driving, emphasize the performance of Focus Electric and – most importantly – make it easy to live with an electric vehicle (EV). Basic information, such as battery state of charge, distance to charge point, the corresponding budget and expected range surplus are all easily visible in the two 4.2-inch full-color LCD screens flanking the centrally mounted speedometer.

“Consumers interested in an electric vehicle are more focused on reducing the impact their driving has on the environment,” explained John Schneider, Ford chief engineer for HMI, Driver Controls and Infotainment. “Rather than minimize the realities of battery range and the need for more conscious trip planning in an electric vehicle, we’ve made it a core part of the ownership experience, giving owners the tools to actively manage how they can drive their car based on where they need to go.”

Ford Motor Company unveiled today its all-new Focus Electric – the company’s first-ever all-electric passenger car. The zero-CO2-emissions, gasoline-free version of the popular small car is the flagship of the company’s growing fleet of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles coming to North America and Europe by 2013.


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